Alana Bloom is a facilitator holding space for creativity, movement, conversation and transformation. Learning is central to her work, supporting peer to peer learning as a way to empower, build relationships and community. She is passionate about embodiment and over the years is slowly learning what it means to create embodied cultures, and curious about the intersection between somatics and trauma within this.


She has been performing and creating artistic work for over ten years: creating performance as a means to express, process and question what's happening in the world.. Her practice includes circus, clown, mask and physical theatre and intersects with her body of research around ritual, tarot and myth. She has facilitated a number of retreats and residencies over the past five years that explore performance as a route to self-actualisation, transformation and more recently social change.


A large part of her practice is learning and deepening the  embodied experience of cyclical living through nature connection and ancestral skills. A huge part of unlearning the harms that are perpetuated through capitalism is being able to slow down enough to vision other possibilities. Cyclical awareness and connection is part of the key to understanding that we are interconnected and governed by the cycles of life, time and the natural world. 


She is an apprentice to grief, emergent strategy and pleasure activism, learning and unlearning what it means to commit to social justice and liberation within her work. She enjoys writing poetry and songs, long walks in nature and is currently based in Devon. 

(Standing on the shoulders of: Rebecca Card, Peter Shaw, Azul Valerie Thome, Toni Spencer, adrienne maree brown, Daniel Foor, Francis Weller and many more.)