Artemis; a physical theatre show with a live musical score that explores environmentalism through the lens of mythology. Passionate about the natural living world, Bloom tells a moving story as a warning to our current inaction on climate change, alongside Katya Barton & her array of Slavic music influences. 

' Provoking and unforgiving, Bloom’s performance is powerful and heartfelt.' - The Circus Diaries 


Artemis dives into the visceral possibilities of extinction, that our current relationship with the natural world is heading us towards. Set in a future where the world has drastically changed. In the pits of a disintegrating city, Artemis awakes surrounded by brick, stirring from the echoes of prayer, to witness the consequence of our actions & the destruction of nature.

'One of the most evocative monologues I've experienced in years.' -  Audience Feedback 


Following a sold-out double bill of Artemis in 2017 at Motion, Bristol, and emerging straight from a four-month run in Shotgun Carousel’s hedonistic immersive dining experience ‘Divine Proportions’ - Bloom performed a five day run of her mesmeric performance ‘Artemis’ at VAULT festival 2019 - weaving together humanities current mythopoetic story through theatre.

'With great physical and visual dexterity, she creates a bridge between worlds, between words and movement, leading us into a liminal landscape within which bigger issues of survival and extinction, sacred and profane, connection and fragmentation are addressed.'  - ASWM FILM 

Haunting images of a deer skull are juxtaposed with soundscapes, spoken word and song to create a mesmeric 

performative ritual, offering up a journey of transformation, through the emotional landscape of grief, rage, reconnection, commitment and hope.




Concept, Production & Performance by Alana Bloom

Artwork & Music by Katya Barton

Shrine by June Heath

Costume by Ellie Walker

Photo by Ali Wright 

Video by Ross Silcocks

Special thanks to VAULT festival, Shotgun Carousel, The Invisible Circus, Artspace Lifespace, Lyn Routledge, Lucy White, Daniel Hernandez & Chloe Wykes, Motion Bristol, Masseria Atipica, Ecole de Cirque de Bordeaux.