With over five years of experience, and a lifetime of curiosity in leading groups, Alana champions spaces of creativity, emergence and connection.

Her work originally centred around performance, exploring methods of theatre to unlock creative potential. This has evolved to become a practice of releasing our current systems and structures as we explore and vision future possibilities through art,  performance, learning and more. 

She works with Enrol Yourself to create peer to peer learning experiences that support building resilient cultures and communities in the face of the challenges of our time. 

Alana has worked with a number of organisations to produce and facilitate spaces including with The Psychedelic Society, Togetherness, Extinction Rebellion and  Involve Charity. She has also hosted, produced and facilitated many retreats and events with creative collaborators and tricksters. 

She continues to develop and refine her skills as a dynamic and authentic facilitator, passionate about incorporating learning around emergent strategy, nature patterning, grief and embodiment into her work.