Alana is a curious creatrix, a shapeshifting artist transforming archetype into myth, into ritual, into story whilst creating experiences that are radical spaces of creativity & expression. 


Alana has been producing & facilitating spaces for creative enquiry for the past four years and is passionate about designing experiences that are both expressive, silly, wild & transformative. She has been part of co-creating, designing & leading retreats, residencies & workshops that span a number of communities including; Divine Ridiculous, Find the Others and The Psychedelic Society.


Her first love is the body and the potential it holds for expression. With this, she weaves in a sense of embodiment within her work, in & amongst her range of practices in performance & theatre, whilst her artistry dances with the themes of myth, ritual & ecology.




Creativity, Ritual, Physical Theatre, Ecology, Clown, Improvisation, Mask, Contact Improv, Authenticity, Community, Aerial Circus, Tarot, Yoga, Nature, Natural rhythms & cycles, Activism, Re-Wilding. 


Projects Include


Metanoia - A weekend of connection that explores what are the questions of our time.

The Warren – Co-Produces and Facilitates with Dan Hernandez. A week long creative residency and exploration into community and creativity.


The Rememberings – Beltane & Samhain Gatherings with Chloe Wykes. A project that focuses on cycles, seasons, land and community.


The Castelletto Lab – A 12 day process with four other facilitators, focusing on participants performance development & individual performance projects.


Elemental Dance – Workshops & facilitated movement that take on the form of a  journey, exploring the elements, nature, imagination, creativity and the integration of profound experiences. Mainly held in London in collaboration with the Psychedelic Society.


Alana continues to produce and facilitate creative residencies, workshops, happenings and performances where her unique creativity blossoms, where community is formed, space is held, healing occurs and expression manifests itself in the fulfilment of creative potential.

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