Moving with the Otherwise

Explorations and research through movement and ritual to reclaim our belonging and interdependence with the animate living world. For a number of years Alana has been creating movement rituals in natural environments using clay, aerial circus, Butoh and other performance modalities. 


More recently this work has emerged into a space of exploring and connecting with the animate world to increase a sense of belonging and resilience to support activism.  

'Moving with the Otherwise' is an evolving practice that uncenters anthropomorphism through being in conversation through movement with trees, animals, birds, plants, mountains, rivers. 

Movement Magic 

This is an experimental offering. A co-created community of practice researching and exploring movement as creative resistance in these times. We are a small group of physical artists and movers support each other in our artistic practice through our bodies and finding ways to invite exploration, research and ritual into our lives as enquiry. 


This is a collective practice of living as embodied artists, experiencing the world through movement and dance. Our shared enquiries are:  What does it mean to be creative with the body in this time? To sense what is longing to be expressed?How can we root into our bodies and feel togetherness even in the vast spaces between us? To create a community of practice around the body and it's capacity for expression and art? 

We each take it in turns to facilitate a movement, somatic, ritual or dance based exploration/investigation whilst sharing glimpses into our own practice and research. 

The current group is closed till September. You can express your interested by emailing Alana.