I create a variety of spaces and containers, some one off events, other more in depth courses, retreats and immersions in service to humanity's ecological awakening in the age of climate change and ecological collapse. I am here to support people becoming alive to their entangled relationship with the earth through a variety of approaches and dismantling the oppressive paradigms that are destroying both people and the planet.

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Earth Rhythms:

Winter Solstice Ritual

20 / 12/ 21 - Online

About Earth Rhythms

Nature provides a map for us to connect more deeply to ourselves and our own process of growth. Winter Solstice is an opportunity to connect with this map and explore what might be moving in the shadows through ritual, practices of cyclical living and nature connection. 

Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year; a time of stillness where the natural world becomes almost dormant. It is also when the cyclical spiral begins to turn and from this day onwards the light slowly creeps back in and the days lengthen. This is a potent time for sitting with darkness, befriending our shadows and letting ourselves rest in the fertile possibilities of the night, and the wisdom of the descent. 

  • Learning easy at home nature connection practices 

  • Sensory meditations and befriending darkness 

  • Connecting with our inner elder 

  • Welcoming parts of ourselves and our shadows back home

  • Connecting with the animal world through embodiment, 

  • Understanding more about cyclical living modalities

  • Space for reflecting on the past year and making space for new beginnings 

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In this event we will explore:

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Awaken the feminine flame of pleasure and power. A space to nourish the wild parts of you, and celebrate sisterhood. A weekend gathering with a selection of inner work, rituals, embodiment and connection to connect with your wild woman. Expect sensuality, playfulness and time in nature under the guidance of experienced facilitators and a community of wild women. 


Earth Rhythms: Imbolc

Earth Rhythms is here to turn us towards the natural world and practical, eco-centric ways of being through practices of embodiment, nature connection, the Celtic Wheel of the Year and the 8 Shields cultural healing map. A space to sink into the regenerating rhythms of nature as a way to connect more deeply with yourself, each other and the more than human world. 

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Earth Rhythms 

Cycles, ritual and nature connection

This four week course weaves together nature connection, embodiment, creative techniques, meditation and ritual to support you in shifting your lifestyle to align with the cycles of your body and the natural world.  Through this weekend we will become more aware of the cultural and systemic patterns that lead to burnout, and how we might take steps to mitigate those patterns in our lives. 

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