Regenerating Rhythms

​Regenerating Rhythms is a pathway to embody the shift towards sustainable ways of living in relationship with ourselves, each other and as part of the web of life on this planet. It is an action research project that has emerged through hosting facilitated spaces and conversations that explore natural patterns, cyclical awareness and the rhythms that govern life as a means to find greater connection and belonging with the animate world.

There are many cyles and natural rhythms that govern our bodies and the world around us. These include but are not limited to sleep cycles, menstrual cycles, our trauma response cycles. The cycle of birth, life and death that governs all living things and are an essential part of nature’s rhythms. The cycles of the planets, the moon and the much longer cycles that expand way beyond humanities time on this planet. 

This is a body of research to learn how connecting with rhythms that regenerate are part of the journey towards unlearning the harms of capitalism, colonialism, patriarchy and other degenerative systems of oppression. Visioning a new future requires a steadiness and slowing down that aligns with the pace of nature where can have moment of stillness and rest as well as productivity. 

There have been two cycles of online facilitated conversations around these topics. Alana is currently developing the next offering around Regenerating Rhythms. You can follow this work via instagram here.