"Much like her name, Alana creates spaces in which people's souls can bloom. Throughout our six month journey on the Learning Marathon, she held our group with tender care and wise leadership. As a Facilitator she strikes a beautiful balance between holding the structure while attuning and adapting to what is intuitively called for in the moment. One of her many gifts is gently and powerfully helping groups to ground in the ways of nature and the rhythms of the body. She lives and breathes what she teaches, she shares from her inner well of lived experience. Alana holds brave spaces where people are invited to bring their whole selves; she is not afraid to welcome challenging conversations or emotions as sources of deep learning. She balances this with the lightness and joy of her inner clown, who I feel very fortunate to have played with and learned from on this journey!" - Emma Ashru Jones, Enrol Yourself Learning Marathon

“Alana’s facilitation is brave and instinctive, rounded and direct, and speaks to both a deep knowledge of her craft (and embodiment more generally) and a level of self-belief. Her embodiment workshops somehow seem to take the form of a journey directed from within, rather than the feeling of being guided externally. This is a rare skill and makes the exploration feel authentic and the discovery self-caused.” 

- Bilal Nasim, The Warren, 2018


‘Her mixture of skill, authentic expression, intuition and pure feminine power as a facilitator, ritualist and artist have empowered, inspired and catalysed my own authentic creative expression.’ - Julianne Meuller, The Warren 2018


‘I’ve been lucky to experience Alana as a facilitator at the Warren Creative residency. I highly appreciated her intuitive approach to facilitation. She has a remarkable ability to respond to what arises in the field and to participant’s needs. I also loved the creativity and attention to detail that went into the design of the format.’

Carolin Goethel, The Warren 2017


‘Alana guided our group through movement journeying, silly play and heartfelt group connection. I always feel safe in her company and free to express myself. It was during this residency that I realised that I wanted to pursue my love for performance and expression with gusto, and I think the atmosphere she facilitated had a huge part to play in that. ’  - Ola Forman, Participant, The Warren 2017


' Alana weaves a magical narrative that sweeps your imagination along and I was surprised how emotionally involved I got - I really felt her visual imagery surround me, it was wonderful and freeing. it feels like exploring Alana's VR world that was carefully designed to lift you up and make your soul sing. She made beautiful visual and poetic choices and takes you to places where you can access parts of yourself you may have forgotten were there - I certainly did. 10/10!' - Jessica Legon, Elemental Dance 


"A very powerful and memorable day. Alana and Gaia are very skilled and gifted at bringing a group together in an intimate and authentic way. They created an incredibly safe space for boundaries to be dropped and support and trust to be created very quickly within the group - a true gift. I came away feeling enriched, nurtured and empowered. I am still bathing in the beautiful energy from a deeply moving and transformative day. Thank you."

Colleen S, Awakening the Wild Woman


“This was a wonderful, wide ranging workshop attended by a diverse variety of women who created an empathetic, caring structure for personal growth and exploration.” - Kathryn H,  Awakening the Wild Woman