The Warren 

The Warren is a wild and unique creative residency for anyone yearning for expression, movement, magick and tribe. We’ve been running these annual week long gatherings since 2016, our initial residency was small and intimate yet potent and seeded something that has grown into it something wild and wonderful. In 2020 we take a breath as things grow and evolve, as we become families and listen to the call to be rooted into the land in the  place where we live and consider what wants to emerge next. 




Embodied Movement, Mask, Eros, Filmmaking, Ritual, Feast, Tribe, Nature, Tarot, Poetic Act, Psychomagic, Clay, Contact Improvisation, Body Positive, Wildness, Soulcraft, Myth, Ice cream


2019's Invitation:

We will come together to live for a brief moment in a way that many of us dream; as a group of human's nurturing one another's wildness and holding it sacred.


We are curious, when we create these communities, the things that come up, how do we hold space for each other, how do we bring our boundaries into the space, and give the opportunity to heal and work through these shadows?


How do we live as authentic warriors, guardians, when we are living on the edge and trying to be truthful? This isn’t just about the opportunity to be creative, but what that radical permission then gives way to, courageously caring for our uncomfortable truths.


This is a place where we cultivate our own unique repertoire of ritual and with that we create a book of experience in our body, everybody is a bible, the body is the portal.

“We birth ourselves into the sea, goddesses guiding us into the ocean. We listen intently to the world around us, delve into the land we are upon. We dance, move, cry, rejoice and howl. We make friends with the otherwise, with goats, bees, dogs and cats. Paint ourselves with clay, gorge ourselves on cherries, bang drums under the stars, listen, nurture and give thanks to our bodies. We create poetic acts to be performed under a full moon, a wild feast, a raucously divine ritual of food. We develop our craft, the experience of our bodies in movement, in creativity, give ourselves radical creative freedom and see what emerges from the murky waters”

Photos by Jack Davolio, The Warren 2017